Why HCG Diet now?

You have tried other diets and have not been successful. Being overweight is no way to go through life. You are tired of it.

Obesity causes over 300,000 deaths each year in the US.

Nearly 2/3 of the US population is overweight.

Heart Disease, Diabetis, High Blood Pressure are much more common in the obese.

Why HCG Diet now?

Quite simply, you have tried other diets and have not been able to lose weight or even after you have lost the weight you have not been successful in keeping the weight off. There could be several explanations as to why weight loss is not easy. Hormonal imbalances, activity levels, caloric intake to name a few. When exercising or restricting food intake, the body relies on and consumes the normal fat or primary reserves. The body does not release the secondary fat reserves. The use of the HCG hormone releases these secondary fat deposits and makes the fat available for consumption by the body. It is these secondary fat reserves which are the stubborn areas and may be responsible for significant contour irregularities that you want improved or 'gone'.

Patients on the HCG program lose about one pound per day, because the HCG hormone makes the secondary fat available, the body begins living off the fat — the fat provides a source of energy, just as food does. Patients are instructed to reduce food to 500 calories per day, however, hunger is not noticed because 3,500 additional calories are consumed each day by the body. The results: patients lose about one pound per day while using the HCG hormone, safely.